Documentation in system development - Business related document

Continue from my last post, this time, I will explain briefly business related document and provide some example pictures.

現状業務の業務フロー図 (AsIs) and システム化後の業務フロー図 (ToBe)

(Current business flow diagram (AsIs) and Business flow after systemization diagram (ToBe)) Sometimes also called 業務フロー定義書. Describe the current and future business flow, make the work flow visible to the reader. b1z-flow-1.jpg business-flow-2.jpg

業務機能一覧 (List of business functions) or 業務機能構成表 (Business function structure table)

Describe the structure of organization business, usually from top to bottom, sometimes also include other information like person in charge, how many hours it take per day/month, priority etc. business-structure-1.jpg business-structure-2.png

システム化業務一覧 (List of systemization business) and システム化業務説明 (Systematization business explanation)

A list of business that will be systematized and explanation.

systemization-business-1.jpg systemization-business-2.jpg

ビジネスプロセス関連図|Business process relationship diagram

Describe the relationship between each business function, similar to business flow diagram. business-process.jpg

外部システム関連図 (External system relationship diagram)

Describe how the system exchange data with other systems. external-if.jpg

業務処理定義書 (Business process definition)

Describe detailed business content that cannot be written in the business flow diagram. business-process-definition.jpg

システム開発地図 (System development map)

A document that organizes the deliverables for each work in the project, which output will be used as input for other task etc. dev-map-1.jpg dev-map-2.jpg






IPA - 第1章 システム化業務一覧

IPA - 第2部合意形成に使う主な図表の解説

IPA- ユーザのための要件定義ガイド ~要求を明確にするための勘どころ~

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